Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Emerald Earrings Inspired by Vintage Chanel

On the Rachel Zoe Project Season 4, Rachel Zoe wore a pair of Vintage Chanel Earrings that I fell completely in love with!!  My husband thinks they are ridiculously ugly, but that is how I know that they are total fashion and are amazing!  :)  Anyways, I had to create a pair that were similar, but for way less.  I made this pair with Swarovski Crystals and they are so light-weight, which is my biggest goal when I make earrings.  I hate when they pull on your earlobes and stretch your hole, so I always try to make mine as light as possible.  I made these a while ago, but didn't post them to this blog yet and wanted to share!  

The Emerald Earrings
1 Pair Available! 

Made with Swarovski Crystals and Chalk Turquoise, these earrings will be your perfect go-to if you want a statement earring and will be the perfect companion to your LBD!  

*Earrings are very long!  Will brush tip of shoulders.  

*Contact me through my email if interested in purchasing!

My Inspiration

Rachel Zoe - MOCA's Annual Gala "The Artist's Museum Happening" - Red Carpet

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  1. Those earrings are gorgeous! I think rachel would look stunning in them too!

  2. Beautiful piece of accessory! I love how it can be worn for both casual and formal events. :)

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