Ice To Diamonds Jewelry Designs are hand-made are one of a kind statement pieces sold alone to help you stand out.  I make earrings and necklaces and specialize in making light-weight earrings!

 As an ex-professional figure skater, I spent most of my youth devoting most of my time to my passion of skating.  After retiring at age 25, I needed to find a new passion, which was making jewelry and also Fashion.  It was something new and fun for me and gave me a sense of fulfillment again.  I self-taught myself and decided to pursue a home-based job where I can still raise my son, while doing something I love for myself.  I'm also a style blogger and I hope you will stop by my Style Blog for some easy outfit ideas and check out what other interesting ideas I have!

Style Blog:  Easy Outfits, by Pip

Peace and love,
Pip Addis