Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New Rachel Zoe Inspired Pearl Hoops In!

Those who know me and who know me from the blogging world, have known that I am a huge fan of Rachel Zoe mostly for her Vintage Jewelry Collection in her closet!  One of my favorite things to do, is to browse pictures of some of her awesome jewelry for vintage inspiration, which is my favorite jewelry to make.  This picture of her down below is breathtaking to me because I love her dress and am very drawn to her earrings.  Yesterday, I taught myself a wire wrapping technique so that I could make these earrings available to others because they are so classic, yet have a bit of edge to them since I used gold and gunmetal mixes with cream pearls.  

The Pearly Pearls

Only 1 Pair Available!

More can be made to order!  

These earrings are made with gold-plated hammered round links and with glass cream pearls wrapped with gunmetal wire for a touch of edge and dimension.  Ear wires are gold-colored ear wires.  

*Earrings hang approximately 2 and 1/2" 

*If interested in purchasing, please email me through my contact information above!  Thanks!  

How They Look On

Inspiration Photo of Rachel Zoe

Rachel Zoe - Rodeo Drive Walk of Style Award
*Photo source

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  1. Wow, so pretty! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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  2. Beautiful!:)

  3. Oh my those designs are well done. I am a pearly pearl so I find those to be very well crafted.
    Keep creating and producing

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  6. A girl can never go wrong with pearls.
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  7. What a gorgeous pair of earrings and I can see the inspiration from Rachel!!!

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    1. Would love to! I will be checking out your blog right now!

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  10. Amazing earings! Love your Wohle Blog! Should wie follow each other?

  11. Amazing!:)

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  12. very pretty!! great job :) i'm your newest follower x


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